Stocker Studio

Lacquer & Textures

Founded in 2008 by Eric & Thierry Stocker, Stocker Studio was originally named Angkor Artwork.

The brothers gave a rebirth to ancient technics lost during decades such as the use of natural lacquer which was used to protect boats or houses. Then, they turn into art by teaching ornamentation of items.

The workshop also support the community and empower women. Most of artisans come from Krousar Thmey Foundation which operates through three programs: education for deaf or blind children, child welfare and cultural & artistic development in Cambodia.

Stocker Studio creates finest decorative items made with Cambodian Natural Lacquer & Textures. They are sharing their knowledge with Khmer and extending their technics to straw marquetry, parchment, shagreen, gold leaf, eggshell, pearl, etc.

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